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noun ar·is·toc·ra·cy /ˌerəˈstäkrəsē/

a government in which power is vested in a minority consisting of those believed to be best qualified

There are events in our lives that can mark milestones, christen fresh starts, or simply bring close friends together; these events will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Often with events such as these, planning assistance is needed, and choosing the right team to help you is of the utmost importance. From this need, Ari Events was born.

Derived from the word Aristocracy, the Ari Event name prides itself on providing the best qualified planners in both the Pittsburgh and Raleigh markets. With years of experience, formal training and unique design talent, the Ari Event team redefines chic.

Our Mission

Customer service is key, but the ability to time manage while staying creative and always thinking outside of the box for fresh new ideas is what sets the Ari team apart. Some planners are great at planning but fall short on design and some designers are great at design but fall short on the planning. The Ari Team prides itself on offering exceptional designs in addition to unparalleled skills in planning and coordinating events. We want to be the best and work hard to prove that’s who we are each and every event.

Meet The Team


Event Planner


Pittsburgh born, and New York raised, Sierra Jack brings variety to the pool of event planners in both the Raleigh and Pittsburgh markets. With a business-savvy take on budgeting and creative sense of design and composition, Sierra’s skills have proven unparalleled in the special events market.

Sierra’s journey in the Special Events field began at the prestigious Longue Vue Club. Known in the 1920’s as “The Millionaire’s Club”, Sierra directed a variety of events, including weddings, corporate parties, and charitable events, learning quickly that versatility is a must in this business.

After refining her craft at the Longue Vue Club, Sierra was taken on by the popular Seven Springs Mountain Resort, just outside of Pittsburgh. Here, Sierra strove to put an emphasis on making the weddings she planned not only chic, but unique. From working with the TLC Network on the show Four Weddings, to planning prominent social figures events, Sierra grew with the resort and into the highly sought after planner she is today.

Sierra attributes much of her unique eye for event design to her time spent traveling. “Growing up in New York really opened my eyes to fashion and cutting edge designs but my time in Milan and Rome introduced me to another level of fabulous. Without seeing other cultures’ take on beauty, fashion and intrigue, I would have been just another wedding planner. Now, with these experiences, I believe I offer more to my clients than most are able to.”
Sierra describes the satisfaction of her clients as her ultimate achievement. “Seeing how happy my clients are at the end of an event makes every bit of my hard work worth it. It is an unexplainable feeling you get when you bring your clients to tears of joy.”

Offering skills ranging from strict organization, communication and design, Sierra will coordinate, plan and custom scheme everything from weddings to corporate events. Any soirée that requires superior attention and that much needed special touch, Sierra Jack should be your first thought. “Event planning is not a hobby for me; it’s a skillset that I have worked hard to refine which has made me eager to share with future clients to come.”


Event Designer


Diverse and ever-changing, Tamara Christian is the epitome of a Pittsburgh lady. Drawing from a contrasting background of city and rural living, Tamara has the ability to create any environment. With a background in fashion and visual merchandising management, Tamara has the versatility needed for any situation.

Tamara found her passion for design from her first love – singing. She attended Pittsburgh’s school for the Creative and Performing Arts, concentrating on courses in stage and set design. Learning to create intricate sets for operas and musical theatre shows allowed Tamara to absorb a wide range of design aesthetics, and performing against those same sets made them all the more personal to her.

Following the stage, Tamara landed in the fashion world, where she became a merchandising manager. Here, she had to learn to adapt herself to different styles, negotiate a constantly-evolving environment, and avoid complacency.

Never losing her flair for design, Tamara found her way to Illuminations Inc., where she learned the foundations of interior design, as well as floral composition and arrangement. The sensory-centric sensibilities of Illuminations Inc. were assimilated into Tamara’s talent for visual aesthetics, further expanding her versatility.

Tamara’s strength in design has come from her ability to pull from all areas of her life and her experiences. When asked what sets her apart from other event designers, Tamara explains: “Event design is an art. Many event planners have the ability to plan well, but often do not have the formal design training or the artistic eye to make an event come to life, and that’s where I thrive.”


Event Planner


With over 10 years of event planning experience, Sarah Greiner brings not only a seasoned skillset to the table, but a keen sense of detail that places her amongst the best planners in the field. Her background in both hospitality and special events has molded her into the leading planner she is today.

Through her college years, Sarah spent much of her time traveling to different areas of the United States. From North to South, East to West, Sarah has experienced many different types of people and culture. After her travels finally brought her to Anchorage, Alaska, Sarah returned to her hometown in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

She then began working at Hidden Valley Resort, where she worked her way up to the position of Head Wedding Planner. “I always knew that I wanted to be a wedding planner – what could be greater than helping create a couple’s most special day?!” Upon the merger of Hidden Valley with Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Sarah had the opportunity to plan weddings and events at both locations, making her more diverse and versatile than ever. “Sarah has the ability to adapt to her environment quickly and efficiently which can prove to be difficult for many planners. With her passion and experience, Sarah is a force to be reckoned with in the wedding industry,” says Ari Events owner Sierra Jack.
Sarah brings to bear numerous strengths, such as precise attention to detail, creativity, and organization. From bridal showers to receptions, Sarah has collaborated with many different clients to create breathtaking events. Sarah’s great rapport and long history with a variety of vendors in the Pittsburgh area enable her to go to above and beyond to deliver on her clients’ every desire.

Sarah truly has a love for all things wedding, and her ultimate goal is to make sure the planning process is a stress-free, enjoyable experience. Working with Sarah promises a wedding day that is perfect in every way!