Our Process

When choosing a wedding planning company, it’s not just the company you are choosing but the planners themselves. The planner will be your go-to person from start to finish; it is important to not only have a great rapport with them, but an extreme comfort level as well. Experience is the key ingredient in obtaining that level of comfort with your wedding planner and our team has plenty!


Meet The Planner

We want you to feel at ease with us as a company as well as an individual planner. Whether it’s face to face, FaceTime or a chat over the phone, let’s talk and get to know each other!

Getting to know the bride and groom

No questionnaire here, why add more work to your plate? Let’s talk about you and your other half, get to know you, your style, your expectations and your biggest hopes for the day. There is no better way to get to know someone than by having a gab session!


Working Together

Wedding planning should be fun and easy for the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.
Stress is something no one wants and certainly does not have time for. We are here for you to lean on. We are your problem fixers, your solution creators and above all else your support. We are team bride and will always go to bat for you whenever it is needed. Call us any time, day or night- we are here to help!